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8 Nice Features of Android O

8 Nice Features of Android O
Features of Android O

Google’s annual I/O conference in May delivered a mixed bag of updates, new products and other reveals – but it is the forthcoming Android O mobile operating system which has created the most buzz. Currently, in its third beta testing stage, the system is available as a preview for developers and it should hit the consumer market in late 2017. On its release, Android O will be available for the latest generations of Nexus and Pixel mobile phones. Now let us talk about the latest features of Android O.

8 Coolest Features of Android O:

In addition to a general performance boost which will support the latest applications and programs, there are some great new features and enhancements coming to Google phones when the OS finally launches. From better battery power to custom notifications, this is Android as you have never seen it before. Here is our pick of the 8 best features Android O will offer.

Features of Android O


Tired of closing down videos in order to check your messages or visit another app? Android users have been demanding the picture-in-picture feature for many years. It is already offered for iPhone users, and many laptops have the same ability – yet Android phones have been slow to adapt. Google’s video streaming service YouTube now works well inside other applications, so you can enjoy your favorite show or song while browsing on your mobile.

Data autofill

This is a simple update, but a very welcome one for those people who struggle to remember details and passwords. The same autofill feature which remembers your passwords and other common data in your browser is now available for your mobile. Of course, you get full control over security and can opt out of the autofill memory feature if preferred.

Battery life increase

Tired of your mobile battery draining when you are out and about? Often, apps left open can be to blame. Android O aims to combat this by shutting down non-essential processes and keeping your phone in a state of minimal power consumption whenever it is in your pocket or bag. Security suite Vitals manages the antivirus system for your apps, and it also runs regular reports on system performance. If unwanted data is cluttering up your phone’s memory, the new security system will issue a warning and where possible, close apps to conserve battery.

Custom icons and notifications

If developer-designed icons tend to clutter up your carefully designed home screen, then the Android O update is the answer you have been waiting for. Adaptive icons now merge with your chosen theme, so the shapes and colors suit your design. Notification filters have also been updated, so you can choose which messages get through and which are held back, and you can assign colors to those messages as a handy personal guide. Google also borrows an Apple feature, highlighting application icons which need attention with a dot or other marker. It is among the best in the features of Android O.

Features of Android O

Wi-fi Awareness

The Internet of Things is coming to mobile, and while Android O is not fully compatible with smart home hubs, it does support the apps and programs you will need to connect with speakers, appliances, and even security systems. Wi-fi awareness has also been added to Google phones. The mobile will connect with other Wifi enabled devices – ideal for sharing files, for accessing music players and for throwing images and videos to screens.

Quick Settings

Another subtle and simple update, the Quick Settings menu has been tweaked to allow full customization and simple one-swipe access. The QS menu opens up a mini settings option, as well as offering a scroll wheel into which all your most-used functions and apps can be placed.


Keyboard updates

Android O is designed to work on mobiles, tablets and hybrid computers. It has received a number of design alterations to make the cross-platform transition more smooth. Keycode allows for shortcode assignment, while the clipboard and keyboard switcher make a mobile feel like a PC – great for editing work and sending mail on the go! The keyboard supports the latest emoji, with frequent updates to allow new designs as they arrive. You can also customize the keyboard layout to suit your needs and preferences – great for mobile users with disabilities, for left-handed users and for those with specific language needs.

Information screens

The menu design has been updated slightly for Android O, appearing slightly differently on Pixel and Nexus devices. The colour scheme is familiar but there is a monochrome element which brings the design in line with Apple and Samsung’s flagship products. The menu has also been pared down somewhat, with changes to settings groups and better descriptions of what those settings do. The help function offers detailed support guides, troubleshooting advice and links to relevant online resources.

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Top Android Nougat Version 7 tips Known by Few

Top Android Nougat Version 7 tips Known by Few


Top Android Nougat tips

Android takes hold of 88% market share of smartphones. Android Nougat is the latest iteration of the operating system of Android phones. It was released with Google Pixel. And pushed to LG V20, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X initially. Last month, even Samsung released a customised version of Android Nougat for its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users. With time all the smartphone manufacturers with Android as their operating system are releasing the latest version to their devices. Comparatively, very few smartphones are running on Android Nougat. So most of the people are unaware of the new features introduced in the latest Android operating system. Even the ones who are using Nougat don’t have clue about Android Nougat tips which we are going to discuss today.

Top Android Nougat Tips Known by Few

Following are the few tips which are not known by everyone and they can prove out to be very helpful. Although some of these features are already available in some smartphones. Like LG has Smartlock from Marshmallow and Split screen has been around for a while in Samsung.

Smart Lock

Sometimes it gets annoying to unlock your phone again and again. But having a passcode or security pattern is essential. So that if your phone gets into the wrong hand, it won’t compromise your privacy or personal data.
But at home. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting stolen or someone using your phone to get your personal information.

There is this new feature named ‘Smart Lock”. It allows you to specify locations where you don’t want to put the lock screen protection on your phone. Like if you are at home, your phone won’t be locked.

To turn on Smart Lock:

Goto Settings -> Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock -> Trusted Places.

Enter the location where you don’t want your phone to get locked after a few seconds of inactivity.

There are other great features in the smart lock as well. Like you can enable On-Body detection. It won’t allow your phone to be locked if it’s in your pocket or in your hand. You can also enable the Trusted Devices feature. In which your phone won’t get locked if it’s connected to a trusted device like a home theatre.

Offline Google Maps

If you are going to some unknown location and you are going to use google maps for directions to get there. You can download the map on your phone before leaving via Wifi. If you don’t want to waste your network data.

The maps will be downloaded via WIFI and Google maps will prompt you about the space it is going to take in your phone. Once you have downloaded part of the map that will be useful in getting directions to the destination. You can use Google maps without a data connection.

Hidden Nougat Game

Very few people know about the great game present inside Android Nougat. From marshmallow, you can actually go into settings and play a game while checking out details of your phone’s software.

Go to Settings  -> System -> About Phone or Software info.

There you will see Android Version. Tap on it for a number of times. And you will see Android Nougat logo. Tap on the logo and the game will start. It’s a great game like flappy bird to keep you occupied if you are bored.

Use Mouse or Keyboard with your Android Phone.

The last one of Android Nougat tips is that you can connect a mouse or keyboard on your Android Nougat phone via MicroUSB or USB type C port. Connecting a keyboard can be really efficient if you have to write a report or something for work or college. You can also use Bluetooth based keyboard and mouse as well.

Split Screen Mode

Split-screen has been in use for Samsung smartphones from a long time. But now Google has introduced it in Android Nougat for every Android-based device. Split-screen lets you use or view two different apps at a time.

To make use of this feature. First of all, make sure it is turned on in the settings. Open an app. Go to recent apps but tapping on the square button of the navigation bar. Press and hold an app in the recent screen. It will get mounted on the half screen and then select another one to mount it as well. Split-screen works best in landscape mode.

There must be other hidden features that few people know of. If you guys think I missed out some great Android nougat tip in the list above. Feel free to share it with us and I will include it in the list. Keep on exploring the great operating system and do share if you find some exciting android nougat tips.


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Features On Andriod That Are Not On iPhone iOS

Features On Andriod That Are Not On iPhone iOS


Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Android vs iOS is said to be biggest rivalry of past decade. Both operating systems have huge number of users worldwide. In smartphone market, every other company has to compete for the third position as first two are reserved from a decade. Users of Android and iOS both are pretty contented with their smartphones. But there is massive number of users who shift among Android and iOS. When they move, mostly people love the new experience but there are some who finds the shift hard. My first smartphone was iOS based, I was really happy from the operating system and phone. But then I had to move to Android, as I started Android application development as a profession. Moving to Android has its pros and cons. I loved the freedom and customization capability but at times It used to stuck me, that my iPhone used to perform this specific function in a better fashion. Well, while using some features of Android phone that are not present in iPhone. I used to be grateful that I moved.

Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

It has been great year for Android. Mainly, due to the staggering amount of manufacturers and developers who are working each day to make it better. The variety of Android smartphone manufacturers are coming with new and innovative features. Following are some of features which are present in Android devices but they are not present in iOS. If you think I have missed any feature. Fill me in using the comments.

Features of Android Phone that are not Present in iPhone

Charging Capabilities:

The new Android phones are coming with fast charging feature that is pretty much fast. Phones like Pixel, Nexus 6P and OnePlus 3T support USB-C fast charging. It can charge your phone charge in around 40 minutes.

Google claims that the Pixel can provide 7 hours of usage with only 15 minutes of charges. It is significantly faster than the iPhone’s lightning connector.

Wireless Charging:

Samsung, Google, LG and even Microsoft makes phones that can charge wirelessly. The iPhone does not have this capability yet. But there are rumours it might appear in this year’s iPhone.

Expandable Storage:

Phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 have SD card slots allowing for external storage. With an iPhone you are stuck with 32GB, 128 GB or 256 GB.

Some Android phones also allow you to use multiple sim cards. Which can come very handy if you frequently travel abroad. Or if you want to combine a work and personal number on the same phone.

Third Party Browsers:

You can not change the iPhone’s default browser like you can on Android. So if you install a third party browser. Every link opened from an Apple app will still open in safari instead of the browser of your choice. That is quite annoying, trust me.

Stock Apps:

Google is primarily a big data company. With hundred of thousands of servers all across the globe. As such – Android softwares like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Chrome. All these apps are able to quickly access the data and process data in ways that Apple just can’t.

While Apple only supplies handful of space for cloud storage and upsizing the storage costs a lot. Google is giving unlimited space for uploading pictures on Google drive.

Headphone Jack:

Headphone jack was gutted from the new iPhone 7 design, meaning you would need to upgrade to new set of wireless earphones. Or use dongle to connect traditional wired headphones. And while the headphones are connected you can’t charge your phone. Like even if you are driving a car and you want to charge your phone and play songs using Aux cable. You can’t do that. There are many limitations and constraints.


Android allows the users to change theme, launcher,  file manager and many more. There is a lot more freedom in Android as compared to iOS. You can change almost anything you dont like. There are huge number of developers who are developing apps and ROMs that might suit your taste. And you can easily get them in your phone.

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Best 5 Andriod Revenue Making Games

Best 5 Andriod Revenue Making Games


Top 5 Revenue Making Android Games

Any idea how much a famous game application earns? no? Well, it earns millions of revenue weekly. If you want to develop games and you got a great idea, here is some motivation. In this post, you will get to know about the top 5 revenue making Android games.

Top 5 Revenue Making Android Games

Smartphone games are a major part of software development industry. Today we will be talking about top 5 revenue making android games. I have compiled these apps after looking into the major money earning mobile applications. If you think there are other apps which deserve to generate more revenue and they should have made their place in this list. share your views in the comments.


  • Publisher: Niantic Inc.
  • Revenue: $1,855,048
  • Download

This game quickly became famous after its launch, breaking a record held by candy crush saga. Pokemon Go is augmented reality-based game which has taken over the world of smartphones. Its addictive and based on famous Pokemon. It is being praised all over all the world and also it is earning revenue of $1 million daily!!




  • Publisher: Epic War LLc
  • Revenue: $1,471,560
  • Download

This game was launched by Machine zone inc and Epic War LLC is its subsidiary. This is an action game of modern war in which troops fight against enemies. This game also presents famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in an advertising campaign.

Top 5 Revenue Making Android Games


  • Publisher: Machine Zone Inc
  • Revenue: $1,155,409
  • Download

This is an online battle game in which player has to built customize empire. This game is developed by Machine Zone inc. This real strategy game was designed by 80 people in 18 months.


  • Publisher: King
  • Revenue: $650,296
  • Download

The all-time famous candy crush is a puzzle game released on April 12, 2012. candy crush saga had over ten million downloads in December 2012. Even after years it is one of the most downloaded game application in IOS app store as well as google play store.


  • Publisher: Supercell
  • Revenue: $450,465
  • Download

Clash of clans is an online multiplayer game in which player build a clan and attack other enemies by making an army. This game featured Liam Neeson for advertisement. In 2013 Clash of Clans was the third highest game in making revenue.

That’s all from my side. Try the above games and give them a shot. I am sure you will love them. If you know any other game that you think should make more revenue than the above-mentioned apps. Then do mention them in the comments. Game development is a big industry if you are interested in learning go ahead!!

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Best 5 Unique Android Icon Packs

Best 5 Unique Android Icon Packs


Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

Android has this great customization property. One of the best part of having an Android phone is ability to mend things as you like. You can change launchers, themes, messenger, file manager. Anything you name it, it’s customizeable. Today I have compiled top 5 unique icon packs for Android, these icon packs can be used in stock ROM as well as custom ROM. All you have to do is to download them from google play store and install on your Android phone or tablet.

Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android:

Following is the list of icon packs that are unique and great in both design and texture, that’s why I made a list of them, you guys should try them as well.

Desaturate – Free Icon Pack.

Desaturate icon pack has a combination of 150 wallpapers and 1500. It is the most complete icon pack. If you are bored of your interface and icons of your apps. This is a great app to get into your phone. It’s on the top among others.


Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

KAIP Icons

If you like colourful and delightful icons that are not dull but with bright colours then this is most suitable icon pack for you. It has around 750 icons with great colourful texture. It is unique because of high quality material design. It has pro version that is paid, but the free version is good enough.


Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

Fluxo Icon Pack

Stockpile of 2200 icons, each with great color and design. It also has 20 wallpapers matching with the icons. Fluxo is most unique when it comes to theme. It has cartoons characters as icon as you can see in the picture below.


Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

PixBit Icons

If you are looking for something that will revive your teenage colouring book textures then this is the one. It has 8 and 16 bit games texture, it will revive memories of 90’s. PixBit has 330 icons and 10 wallpapers. One of its kind.


Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

VIT Icons

VIT has greyscale theme with over 2000 icons each with unique design. Its design is what brought it to the list of top 5 unique icon packs for Android. These icons have simple and minimalist design, yet they are attractive because of commendable design. This theme pack is specially designed for QHD displays. Like LG G5 and HTC 10.


Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

See the video below to have a good look at all the icon packs mentioned above:

That’s about it. If you want us to add more into them let us know. You can also tell us about your favourite icon pack that you are using on your phone. You can give us feedback on how you find this collection of top 5 unique icon packs for Android and how can we improve it.

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Best 5 File Manager Apps for Android

Best 5 File Manager Apps for Android


Top 5 file explorer apps for android phone

After the privacy issues and constant annoying ads, may be it’s time to move away from ES manager. There are loads of file managers out there, some are open source some are paid, each with its own unique features. Selecting the right tool for managing your files totally depends on how you want to manage. There are number of file managers, present in the Android world. Check out the following top 5 file manager apps for Android phones.

Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

The following list of top 5 file manager apps for android is totally based on my opinion, you might agree or may be you won’t like them. But to me these file manager apps seemed to be best match for keeping my files and giving me quick access to them. Now let’s check out the list.


Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

MiXplorer is no doubt the best file manager for Android phones. It is developed by renowned developer at XDA. It has great easy to use interface along with great number of features that allow you to manage your files. Great thing is that it does not have any ads and its free for all. Downside of MiXplorer is that it is not present in the Google play. To install it you will have to download its APK file from the XDA thread and install it on your phone.


Download MiXplorer from XDA

Download APK file of MiXplorer version 6.3.2

Solid Explorer

Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

Well the best file explorer according to the XDA developers community and general people on social networks, both have mutual say that Solid explorer is the best File manager for Android phones out there. It has beautiful interface with solid colors. It is fast and very efficient. Although its a paid app, but the money is totally worth it. And the developer has not put any ads on the app interface so he got to earn from somewhere for developing for such a great app. One of the great feature of Solid Explorer is its cloud service support. Every renowned cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox can be integrated with the app.

Download Solid Explorer from Google play Store.

FX File Explorer

Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

If you are annoyed while using ES file explorer because of ads, but you cant just move away from it because you are so used to it. Then this file explorer is right substitute. Its quite related to ES File manager. Arrangement of files in this app is quite same it is in ES file manager. One of the unique feature that FX explorer has to offer is its multi window feature. you can use it to drag files from one folder to another. Without having to copy paste.

Download FX File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Tomi File Manager

Top 5 file explorer apps for android phone

Tomi file manager has great number of features, it can be used to manage music, documents, pictures. Each and every format of file in a really easy manner. The interface of this app is very alluring. It is powerful and it has really very good graphical representation of each and every feature. You can download Tomi file manager from Google play store for free. It can be also used to manage APK files on your phone. It also gives access to downloaded files and its quite useful for management of downloaded files.


Download Tomi File Manager from Google Play Store.

Amaze File Manager

Top 5 file explorer apps for android phone

Amaze File manager is one of the most lightweight file manager. it has great easy to use interface and although its features are basic but its quite a good app that can be used as everyday file manager app on Android Phone. It doesn’t have any ads.

Download Amaze File Manager from Google Play Store.

There are other great file managers in Android, which couldnt make it to this list of top 5 file manager apps for Android phones. If you want to give your view regarding some other file manager app. Feel free to drop comment below. If you don’t agree with this list of Top 5 file manager apps for android phone, share with us your thoughts. Get these apps or just one out of them in your phone and let us know about your experience.

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