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Best Alternate Android Apps for Messenger


Many people have shifted to messaging apps which uses mobile network data bandwidth instead of regular texts over the network. So the developers have stopped giving much into it to make the stock messaging apps look good or these apps lack features that can be found in Whatsapp and other texting services. So I thought of compiling best alternate apps for messenger on Android.

Android is love. It allows you to change stock messaging application. Android gives full authority to the user to change the interface and everything with everything he likes or wants. If you don’t like the stock messaging app of your android phone may it be Nexus or Xperia. You can download the following apps and install on your phone and that’s it now you are good to use a third-party application as your default messaging application.

A person like me who does not changes his phone much, get tired of seeing same stock lock screen and stock messaging application. See this post if you want to change your lockscreen as well. You can change your lock screen from the collection of Best Lockscreen for Android that I have compiled earlier.

Best Alternate Apps for Messenger on Android

Although you can find great number of alternate apps for messenger on Android. But I have came up with few apps that are considered best among the apps present in Google Play Store. You might disagree with my choice but these apps are surely worth trying.


Its a free app. It is considered as the most efficient app for messaging. It is simple, beautiful and very fast. The interface of this app is highly customizeable. You can change the colours and chatheads, everything you want as you want. Textra has minimal size of just over 3 MB. It runs great even on the low end Android phones.

Best Alternate Apps for Messenger

Download Textra from here

Textra is my favourite app for texting and it is best replacement for stock Google Messenger.

Chomp SMS

Chomp is one of the most famous app that is being used by thousands of android users as replacement for messenger on Android. It allows you to change the skin using themes, you can select from hundreds of free themes present in its online store. It has schedule SMS sending along with group MMS and you can also pin messages from your favourite contact.

Best Alternate Apps for Messenger

Chomp can be synced with Android wear as well. And it is customizable to great extent, you can change notification settings with respect to each contact.

Download from Google Play Store


It is developed by Go, one of the most famous developers of Android. GO team already have their keyboard, launcher and browser as well. They always develop great apps, so trying their messenger app is a must. GO SMS Pro allows users to customise the interface using number of themes and stickers present at the back end. It also allows pop up notification along with quick reply directly from the notification.

Best Alternate Apps for Messenger

Go SMS pro also has an option to block unwanted number from sending texts. It allows scheduling messaging and backing up text conversations  on cloud.

Download from Google Play Store


QKSMS is also known as quick SMS. Its a fast messaging application. It has great minimalistic design. Its interface is simple yet attractive. It has night mode along with group messaging service and you can customise it from great number of themes present in its free version. It is one of the best alternate apps for messenger on Android

Best Alternate Apps for Messenger

Download from Google Play Store

That’s all from our side. If you have any query let me know in the comments. If you have already tried these apps let me know in the comments. We would also love to hear you suggestions on Best Alternate Apps for Messenger on Android. You can give us suggestion in the comments or you can also write to us using the contact us form.

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