8 Nice Features of Android O

Features of Android O

Google’s annual I/O conference in May delivered a mixed bag of updates, new products and other reveals – but it is the forthcoming Android O mobile operating system which has created the most buzz. Currently, in its third beta testing stage, the system is available as a preview for developers and it should hit the consumer market in late 2017. On its release, Android O will be available for the latest generations of Nexus and Pixel mobile phones. Now let us talk about the latest features of Android O.

8 Coolest Features of Android O:

In addition to a general performance boost which will support the latest applications and programs, there are some great new features and enhancements coming to Google phones when the OS finally launches. From better battery power to custom notifications, this is Android as you have never seen it before. Here is our pick of the 8 best features Android O will offer.

Features of Android O


Tired of closing down videos in order to check your messages or visit another app? Android users have been demanding the picture-in-picture feature for many years. It is already offered for iPhone users, and many laptops have the same ability – yet Android phones have been slow to adapt. Google’s video streaming service YouTube now works well inside other applications, so you can enjoy your favorite show or song while browsing on your mobile.

Data autofill

This is a simple update, but a very welcome one for those people who struggle to remember details and passwords. The same autofill feature which remembers your passwords and other common data in your browser is now available for your mobile. Of course, you get full control over security and can opt out of the autofill memory feature if preferred.

Battery life increase

Tired of your mobile battery draining when you are out and about? Often, apps left open can be to blame. Android O aims to combat this by shutting down non-essential processes and keeping your phone in a state of minimal power consumption whenever it is in your pocket or bag. Security suite Vitals manages the antivirus system for your apps, and it also runs regular reports on system performance. If unwanted data is cluttering up your phone’s memory, the new security system will issue a warning and where possible, close apps to conserve battery.

Custom icons and notifications

If developer-designed icons tend to clutter up your carefully designed home screen, then the Android O update is the answer you have been waiting for. Adaptive icons now merge with your chosen theme, so the shapes and colors suit your design. Notification filters have also been updated, so you can choose which messages get through and which are held back, and you can assign colors to those messages as a handy personal guide. Google also borrows an Apple feature, highlighting application icons which need attention with a dot or other marker. It is among the best in the features of Android O.

Features of Android O

Wi-fi Awareness

The Internet of Things is coming to mobile, and while Android O is not fully compatible with smart home hubs, it does support the apps and programs you will need to connect with speakers, appliances, and even security systems. Wi-fi awareness has also been added to Google phones. The mobile will connect with other Wifi enabled devices – ideal for sharing files, for accessing music players and for throwing images and videos to screens.

Quick Settings

Another subtle and simple update, the Quick Settings menu has been tweaked to allow full customization and simple one-swipe access. The QS menu opens up a mini settings option, as well as offering a scroll wheel into which all your most-used functions and apps can be placed.


Keyboard updates

Android O is designed to work on mobiles, tablets and hybrid computers. It has received a number of design alterations to make the cross-platform transition more smooth. Keycode allows for shortcode assignment, while the clipboard and keyboard switcher make a mobile feel like a PC – great for editing work and sending mail on the go! The keyboard supports the latest emoji, with frequent updates to allow new designs as they arrive. You can also customize the keyboard layout to suit your needs and preferences – great for mobile users with disabilities, for left-handed users and for those with specific language needs.

Information screens

The menu design has been updated slightly for Android O, appearing slightly differently on Pixel and Nexus devices. The colour scheme is familiar but there is a monochrome element which brings the design in line with Apple and Samsung’s flagship products. The menu has also been pared down somewhat, with changes to settings groups and better descriptions of what those settings do. The help function offers detailed support guides, troubleshooting advice and links to relevant online resources.

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