Top Android Nougat Version 7 tips Known by Few


Top Android Nougat tips

Android takes hold of 88% market share of smartphones. Android Nougat is the latest iteration of the operating system of Android phones. It was released with Google Pixel. And pushed to LG V20, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X initially. Last month, even Samsung released a customised version of Android Nougat for its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users. With time all the smartphone manufacturers with Android as their operating system are releasing the latest version to their devices. Comparatively, very few smartphones are running on Android Nougat. So most of the people are unaware of the new features introduced in the latest Android operating system. Even the ones who are using Nougat don’t have clue about Android Nougat tips which we are going to discuss today.

Top Android Nougat Tips Known by Few

Following are the few tips which are not known by everyone and they can prove out to be very helpful. Although some of these features are already available in some smartphones. Like LG has Smartlock from Marshmallow and Split screen has been around for a while in Samsung.

Smart Lock

Sometimes it gets annoying to unlock your phone again and again. But having a passcode or security pattern is essential. So that if your phone gets into the wrong hand, it won’t compromise your privacy or personal data.
But at home. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting stolen or someone using your phone to get your personal information.

There is this new feature named ‘Smart Lock”. It allows you to specify locations where you don’t want to put the lock screen protection on your phone. Like if you are at home, your phone won’t be locked.

To turn on Smart Lock:

Goto Settings -> Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock -> Trusted Places.

Enter the location where you don’t want your phone to get locked after a few seconds of inactivity.

There are other great features in the smart lock as well. Like you can enable On-Body detection. It won’t allow your phone to be locked if it’s in your pocket or in your hand. You can also enable the Trusted Devices feature. In which your phone won’t get locked if it’s connected to a trusted device like a home theatre.

Offline Google Maps

If you are going to some unknown location and you are going to use google maps for directions to get there. You can download the map on your phone before leaving via Wifi. If you don’t want to waste your network data.

The maps will be downloaded via WIFI and Google maps will prompt you about the space it is going to take in your phone. Once you have downloaded part of the map that will be useful in getting directions to the destination. You can use Google maps without a data connection.

Hidden Nougat Game

Very few people know about the great game present inside Android Nougat. From marshmallow, you can actually go into settings and play a game while checking out details of your phone’s software.

Go to Settings  -> System -> About Phone or Software info.

There you will see Android Version. Tap on it for a number of times. And you will see Android Nougat logo. Tap on the logo and the game will start. It’s a great game like flappy bird to keep you occupied if you are bored.

Use Mouse or Keyboard with your Android Phone.

The last one of Android Nougat tips is that you can connect a mouse or keyboard on your Android Nougat phone via MicroUSB or USB type C port. Connecting a keyboard can be really efficient if you have to write a report or something for work or college. You can also use Bluetooth based keyboard and mouse as well.

Split Screen Mode

Split-screen has been in use for Samsung smartphones from a long time. But now Google has introduced it in Android Nougat for every Android-based device. Split-screen lets you use or view two different apps at a time.

To make use of this feature. First of all, make sure it is turned on in the settings. Open an app. Go to recent apps but tapping on the square button of the navigation bar. Press and hold an app in the recent screen. It will get mounted on the half screen and then select another one to mount it as well. Split-screen works best in landscape mode.

There must be other hidden features that few people know of. If you guys think I missed out some great Android nougat tip in the list above. Feel free to share it with us and I will include it in the list. Keep on exploring the great operating system and do share if you find some exciting android nougat tips.


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