[Article] Get Yourself A Mentor By Khuray Gold Deevyn


You want to be successful in life without being limited by the factor time?
You want to command certain results yet escape the hurt that comes along?
Mentors are people that have laid their life bare for you to see their mistakes so you don't have make them.
They say experience is the best teacher but mentors have had the experience so all you have to do is learn from them.
Mentors.... A gift from God or what?
In my opinion, the closest relationship that can be compared with the one you have with the Holy Spirit is the relationship of Mentorship.
You want to be great in life yet you cannot find a man (not even a single soul) to submit under?
How do you even want to learn?
Yes your parents are your first mentors but there's something called "institutional mentor". Mentors in the field you're hoping on getting into.
Are you an artist? Get yourself a mentor that can relate in the regard. Are you a blogger? Get yourself a mentor that can relate in the regard. Should we now talk of content creators or copywriters?
Don't you admire the title protege?

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