Healthpawa Network history, Sure Tricks And Reviews

Welcome back to Krockvibe, today we'll be writing about the latest coinpayu sub website - HealthPawa Adversting Network, how to get started , sure tricks and everything you need to know. 

This post is all about HealthPawa advertising network History, To checkout reviews, tricks and complaints, kindly check here

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HealthPawa Adversting Network 2021

HealthPawa is a sub website, owned and as well, in partnership with coinpayu Bitcoin Adversting Network, USA. (An internet Company)

HealthPawa being a health based ads network is a created with the aim to allow foreign advertisers promote their products online to African countries like Nigeria, Ghana etc.
With this method, Nigerians can checkout foreign health_skin products online, order for them and have them delivered within a few weeks. Not just that, the most interesting stuff here is that you'll also get paid for viewing and checking out these products online. 

At first, healthpawa was used as a platform were foreign advertisers (who can ship/deliver promotes worldwide) to place and advertise their products for free, it was just like a marketplace. But over the months, changes were made to the website. 

According to coinpayu, the traffic and the rate at which advertisers came in drastically increased, they decided to make this website a public plaform were both Advertisers, VIP and Viewers can benefit from the platform. 

After the conversion, healthpawa was made available to nigerian Viewers only, Both local and foreign Advertisers as well. Although, this platform is coming to GHANA very soon. 

How to get started on HealthPawa as a Viewer, Advertiser or a VIP user 

First, as an advertiser or a VIP user, you are not allowed to create a direct account on the platform. You need to either request for an ads account (Advertisers) or request for a VIP membership account (vip users), make sure to look up the requirements before applying for a VIP membership account. 

To get started on HealthPawa, you first need to create an account. Registration is Free, you can use my referral link - 

Registration is free of charge, after registering on the platform, fund account, SUBSCRIBE to a membership plan (250 naira) and start viewing ads online. 

Honestly, the amount you earn per ads view is quite low compared to what other foreign countries pay, Foreads network in Germany pays its members up to $5 for just clicking an advert, G-ads Network pays up to $10 per ads view but HealthPawa pumps low at N950 per view, limited to Earning 30,000 - 40,000 naira daily. I hope they make some adjustments in the future.

Even at that, HealthPawa seems to be the best among others. Why? Unlike other ad networks, they offer a mini plan - popular plan which you can subscribe to without any special requirements and still make up to 30,000 naira daily. Ad networks like Foreads accepts only VIP users on the platform, it is also limited to Germans only, requirements attached. 

HealthPawa Ads Network Tricks 2021

I've seen quite number of viewers on the popular Platform Earning up to 360,000 naira daily from the platform using this particular trick. 

Below is a post from @healthpawa top weekly earner 

I've not personally tried this trick, I'm currently on the VIP plan. Using this tricks requires you to create multiple accounts. 

Checkout the latest HealthPawa tricks, how it works and how to do it smartly HERE

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