Burga Phone Case Review

Do you want extra protection for your phone with latest fashion and designed to it? then look no more because Burga Phone Cases got you covered. in this post we are going to discuss and make a review of the Burga Phone Case Review. 
It’s essential to keep our phones safe because we do not want it to be disconnected when blogging and traveling. You can use your phone to stay in touch, use the GPS navigation on your phone, or just take some photos, chat and communicate with our loved ones. So what I do not want to risk is breaking it because buying a new phone while traveling is out of the question for me.
And i believe the best way to protect your phone is with a protective phone case or jacket. The world is full of such protective assesories, but today we will be dicussing about the Burga Phone Case.

Burga is a fashion-forward brand that focuses on designing protective and stylish phone cases that let you express yourself. With over 100+ designs, they can cater to any style or desire. And that’s why they get 10 points from me in the style department. I always find cases that perfectly match my own wardrobe, whether I am out in the beautiful outdoors or looking for an extra accessory for a night out.

As I said, they have a wide range of designs, but also two types of phone cases: SNAP and TOUGH.

The snap case is made of a single layer of hard plastic. It’s slim, retains your phone’s original shape and style, and is perfect for coffee dates. In addition, it also has a raised bezel to protect the screen and camera.

The TOUGH case, on the other hand, is the protective version that consists of two layers: an inner layer of black silicone that protects the phone from all sides while allowing easy access to buttons and ports. It also offers has shock-absorbing properties and an outer layer of hard plastic with a premium design. They also have a 1.2mm raised bezel for your screen.

I personally recommend the TOUGH version, as it is built to withstand all the drops and is more useful to me when exploring all that the world has to offer.

Let’s talk about those extra things that made me fall in love with Burga. Let’s start with the high-quality glossy prints that are scratch-resistant and will not fade. If something does happen to your case, they have a 12-month warranty. This means that your investment is safe with them as their customer support team is always ready to help you.

My Favorites
It all sounds great on paper, so I have picked my 2 favorites to feature here because they are simply stunning!

The Emerald Pool phone case is the perfect combination of marble and intriguing green color. I am not kidding when I say I get compliments on it when I wear it on my phone. It looks both aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, and the TOUGH version protects keeps my phone safe and sound.

Drifting Shores is also the one I grab the most. The line-art-inspired design reminds me of topographical maps and perfectly fits my lifestyle because travel, maps, and I are the best combination. Of course, a case for a traveler that seems to be inspired by a map is something I must have.

All in all, Burga is a brand for those who want to protect their phones from all the dangers while staying stylish. And with Burga, I can do that with ease.

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