How To Answer Survey Questions Do's and Don'ts

Have you been getting disqualified while answering Survey question or Maybe get tired of getting it all wrong?, then believe maybe you are not answering the survey questions in a way it should be. In this article am going to to List out the Do's and Don't and how we can answer survey question correctly in order to get qualified and get paid.

Survey is designed by a researcher and is made of questions that you need to answer. The answers you provide will be used by the researcher to understand how customers use their products or services. It can also be used to improve services. Nigerians survey programs does not pay and companies in Nigeria hates paying for surveys. 

So, participating in surveys in other countries like USA can make you rich. I noticed a lot of Nigerians participating in survey programs to earn money have no knowledge about answering survey questions in other countries. There are many survey programs I reviewed and they all need you to be smart before you can earn from them.

Not extremely smart but a how-to tutorial will definitely show you the way. Since you registered as another country or probably, USA on the survey app/site, you have to behave like a citizen of that country. Make sure you are on VPN, or on any tool that hides your identity or change your identity to the other country you are trying to imitate. 

After that, some per-qualification surveys may come out first which will verify if you match the audience the researchers need to answer that survey and note that, any mistake can get you disqualified or screened out. You’ll definitely get a lot of disqualifications but please don’t let that weigh you down. 

Here are Some Tactical Questions You Will Encounter 

Question 1: If you are asked, “DO YOU OR ANY MEMBER WORK IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING?”, kindly choose “NONE OF THE ABOVE” because the options will be Advertising, Marketing and Media. If there is no “none of the above”, choose Education or Insurance. You know why? They will think you want to cast or publish the research. If you choose other answers, you will be disqualified from the survey. 

Question 2: Assuming you are asked “Which item did you buy within 6 – 12 months ago?”, kindly choose all items in the options. If you choose NONE OF THE ABOVE, or you tick four to 5 items, you will be disqualified because you don’t know the ones they actually need.

Question 3: Do not rush to answer all survey questions because during the survey, they may ask you to select a particular answer, for example “STRONGLY AGREE” or “COLOUR BLUE”. If you select other options, you’ll be disqualified. 

Question 4: Be smart! You must be a good liar. Assuming you are asked, “do you smoke?” Choose YES because they need people who smokes. 

Or If you asked, “do you suffer from below diseases?” Select few because questions may come out from any of them. 


So literally talking about surveys generally, you'll always have a profile survey to fill or let me say pre-qualification question to check if you qualify as a new user. I'll guide on how to go about it now. So, I'll be writing out question that are always ask and how to answer then generally. 


1. Age= 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 

2. Zip code= Google the zip code for the country/state you used and input it (Usually 5-6 digits) 

3. Gender= Male/Female (Depends) 

5. Ethnicity= White/Caucasian 

6. Are you Hispanic/Latino/Spanish?

8. Marital status?= Married. 

9. Children? Yes 2 children (remember it) always under 18 Male/17 Years, Female/15 Years. 

10. What type of smartphone do you primarily use= iPhone 

11. In politics today, do you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican, or Independent= Republican/Democrat/Independent (Pick whichever one) 

12. Which of the following religions do you most closely identify with? = Muslim/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/Jewish (Choice is yours) 

13. About how often do you access social media services? = Several times a day. 

14. Would you consider yourself to be an early adopter of new technology (the first to buy new gadgets/electronics/etc.)? = YES. 

15. Which of the following social media platforms do you use or actively participate in? = Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr. (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

16. What type of mobile phone plan do you have? = Postpaid (Contract) Plan. 

17. How often do you go online on a computer (desktop, laptop, netbook, or tablet)? This includes access to the Internet from home, work, or elsewhere (including weekdays and weekends)? = Several times a day. 

18. Which of these is your carrier for your primary mobile / cell phone? = T-Mobile 


1. Education level Graduated? = 4-year College/University Graduate, Postgraduate, Master’s degree, Professional degree, Bachelor (Pick whichever one you prefer) 

2. Living situation? = Homeowner. 

3. Employment status? = Employed. 

4. Employment class? = High Managerial, Administrative or Professional [Manager], Information Technology Manger/Director 

5. Employment contract? = Employed full-time. (30/40 hours weekly). 

6. Income? = $100,000-$149,999 [always 150000$ i.e. Do not exceed “$150,000”] 

Note that “Income” is different from “Total Annual Income” 

7. Job title? = General Manager, Director, Manager, C-level, CTO and/or higher ones 8. Company employee range? = 101-500 or 501-1000 9. Company industry? = Information Technology/IT. 

10. Company revenue range? = $5 Million $9.99 Million (remember it). Note that “Company’s Revenue” is different from “Total Company’s Annual Revenue” 

11. Company department? = Operations, Executive Leadership 

12. Please choose which departments/products you have influence or decision-making authority on spending purchasing? = Telecommunications, Office Supplies, New devices about to be bought…… (anything related to your field of work) 

13. Employment status? = Employed (Full Time) 

14. Do you own a smartphone? = YES, for both {business and personal} {remember it} 

15. Which of the following financial products do you own? = Credit Card Checking account Savings account Personal loan Mortgage 

16. Which of the following best describes your primary role at work? = I create software solutions, build/write computer code, develop websites or complex macros at work (Please Note that No. 17, 18 and 19 are same question but different answers……. That’s because the question is related to the survey you’re given, so I urge you to check and pick the question/answer that pertains/corresponds to the survey) 

17. Which of the following best describes your current profession?= Other 

18. Which of the following best describes your current profession? = University/College Professor 

19. Which of the following best describes your current profession? = I don’t work healthcare 

20. Which IT role(s)/function(s) do you operate within? = Software Asset Manager, Operations 

21. In the last year, have you engaged in any of the following job-related activities? = None of the above 

22. Voting Status? = YES

 23. Total Annual Income? = Total annual income should be high, at least $250k 

24. Company’s Total Annual Revenue? = $500m – $1 billion


1. Do you have a webcam and are you willing to use it for an online research opportunity? = I have a webcam and I am willing to use it for an online research opportunity. 

2. Household Industry? = Information Technology/IT 

3. Household income? = Choose between the range of $150,000-$249,999 

4. Which of the following pets are present in your household? = YES, you have 2 pets [Dog and cat] 

5. What are your household investable assets (not including home ownership)? = $100,000-$149,999[always 150000$ i.e. Do not exceed “$150,000”] 

6. How many people live in your household including yourself? = 4 persons [You, Your Wife and 2 children] 

7. Are you and your partner/spouse currently expecting a baby? = YES

8. Would you say that in your household you speak...? /? Diria que en su hogar usted habla...? = English all the time / Inglés todo el tiempo

 9. Please choose the options that best describe your household: = I have one or more children under the age of 18 living in my household 

10. Have you or anyone in your household ever been diagnosed with / suffered from any of the following illnesses/conditions? Note that the information will be kept in strictest confidence.= Acne 

11. Are you the primary decision maker of purchases of electronic products in your household? = YES 

12. Are you the primary decision maker in your household for grocery purchases? = YES 

13. Are you the primary decision maker in your household for automotive-related purchases? = YES. 

14. Where do you do your main grocery shopping? = Aldi, BJ’s, Costco, Food Lion, Hannaford, Kmart, Kroger, Safeway, Walmart, Whole Foods, Market (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

15. Which of the following outlet/discount chains have you purchased from in the last 12 months? = 99 Cents Only Stores, BJ’s, Wholesale Club, Burlington, Coat Factory, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

16. Which of the following beverages do you regularly consume? = Diet Soda, Bottled Water, Still Bottled Water, Sparkling Water, Domestic Beer, Imported Beer, White Wine, Rosé Wine, Sparkling Wine, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

17. In your household, which of the following things are you responsible or partially responsible for making decisions about? = Television, Banking, Internet, Automobile, Grocery Shopping, Mortgage, Finance, Clothing 

18. Which of the following electronic products do you own? = 3D TV, Cell Phone, Cordless Phone, Cable TV/Satellite TV, Digital Camera, MP3 player/iPod, Digital Media Receiver (e.g. Apple TV, Vudu), Blu-ray/DVD player, Netbook, Projector (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

19. What kind of internet connection(s) do you use at home? = Satellite. 20. Which of the following is your primary home internet service provider? = AT&T. 

21. Which of the following best describes what role you play when making traveling decisions for you and your household? = I am the sole decision-maker regarding airline and travel choices. 



1. When do you estimate that you will purchase/lease your next car? = 2021

2. When do you estimate that you will purchase/lease your next car? = Within 7-12 months 

3. If you own/lease a car(s), which brand(s) are they? = BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Renault, Toyota, Jaguar (Pick whichever one you prefer)

4. How would you describe the vehicle(s) you own/lease? = Luxury/Prestige (e.g. BMW/Mercedes/Audi/Jaguar) 

5. In which year did you purchase/lease your main vehicle? = 2020

 6. Do you own or lease a car? = Yes. 

7. How would you describe the vehicle(s) you own/lease? = Full size Sedan/Station wagon/Hatch (e.g. Toyota Avalon), Luxury/Prestige [e.g. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar.] 

8. Did you purchase/lease your vehicle new or used?= New. 

9. What year was your main vehicle (owned or leased) manufactured? = 2017 (or any year between 2016 – 2020) {remember it}. 

10. Do you possess a driver's license? = YES. 11. Do you own a motorcycle? = YES. 12. Have you flown in the last 12 months? = YES. 13. For which purposes do you travel by plane? = Both [Leisure and Business]. 


1. What are your hobbies and interests? = Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Extreme Sports, Playing Video/Computer Games, Watching Sports on TV, Technology / Computers, Golf (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

2. On average, how many hours of radio do you listen to per week? = 11 to 20 hours 

3. On average, how many hours of television do you watch per week? = 20 hours 

4. On average, how many alcoholic drinks do you consume in a week? = Choose a reasonable number (In other not to be seen as an alcoholic) 

5. Which of the following types of vacation/holidays do you usually go on? = Cruises, Cruise & Stay Holiday, Bus Trips, Visiting Friends & Family, Long weekend Getaways, Beach Holiday (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

6. How many hours a week do you exercise/participate in sports? = 11 hours or more per week 

7. How often do you go to the movie theater? = One time per month 

8. What sports do you regularly participate in? = Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling, Cricket, Fishing, Golf, Field Hockey (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

9. Do you play video games? = YES. 

10. Which of the following devices do you use to play games? = Games Console, Portable Gaming Device, Computer or Laptop, Cellphone/Smartphone, Other. (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

11. How many hours per week do you spend playing video/computer games? = 4 to 10 hours, or More than 25 hours (Either of the 2 will work) 

12. What kind(s) of video/computer games do you play? = 3rd Person Adventure (e.g. Super Mario Galaxy), 3rd Person Shooter/Action (e.g. Gears of War), Fighting (e.g. Street Fighter), First Person Shooter/Action (e.g. Call of Duty), Flight Simulation (e.g. MS Flight Simulator), Vehicle Racing (e.g. Need for Speed), Puzzle (e.g. Professor Layton), Sports (e.g. FIFA). (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

13. On average, how many computer/video games a month do you purchase? = 3 to 5 games. 

14. How do you play video/computer games? = With others through an Internet connection, Alone, With others in the same room/house. 

15. Which gaming platforms do you regularly use? = Windows based desktop/laptop, Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3/Slim, Apple based desktop/laptop, Sony PlayStation. (Pick the required number from the above listed) 

16. Do you play video games with others online? (e.g. Xbox Live or World of Warcraft)? = YES, both [online and virtual] 


1.Are you a caregiver and in contact at least once a week with someone with any of the following ailments? =Acne, Back Pain, Depression, Diabetes 

2. Do you suffer from any of the following illnesses/conditions? = Acne, Back Pain, Depression, Diabetes 

3. If you stated that you have been diagnosed with cancer, can you define the type of cancer ? =I don't have cancer 

4. Do you suffer from any of the following illnesses/conditions? =I don't have any illnesses/conditions 

5. If you stated that you have been diagnosed with diabetes, can you define the type of diabetes? =Diabetes Type 1 

6. On average, how many cigarettes do you smoke in a day? =1 to 3 cigarettes 


Age: Always use: (30, 35, 40, 45, 50). 

Voting Status: YES 

Children: 2 Children (Male – 17 years, Female – 15 years) always under 18 

Company staff: 101-500 or 501-1000 

Company: Worldwide Company revenue: $5 Million $9.99 Million 

Company’s Total Annual Revenue: $500m – $1 billion 

Country: Preferably, use US the most 

State: New York or any other State/City 

Occupation/ Profession: Information Technology /IT, Banking or Retail 

Position: General Manager, Director, Manager, C-level, CTO and/or higher ones 

Income: $100,000-$149,999[always 150000$ i.e. Do not exceed “$150,000”] 

Job Description: Full Time Employee/Worker (30/40 hours weekly). 

Total Annual Income: Total annual income should be high, at least $250k 

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian 

Are you Hispanic/Latino? No 

Religion: Christian/Muslim 

Residence/living: Single House (Owned) 

Car: Owned Brand: Audi, luxury small car Purchased: 2013, Model- A3, 2013 

Price: $27,270 

Next car would purchase: 2021, BMW- Ford, Toyota 

Smart phone: iPhone 

Next smart phone purchase: 2021 Samsung 

Pets: Cats – 1/2, Under 1yrs Dog – 1/2, 3yrs old 

Tobacco/Cigarette: Yes 

Beer: Per week – 1 time 

Sports/Fun: Football, Hockey, Basketball 

Education: Master’s Degree or Bachelor, 4 Years Graduate/ College Graduate. 

Bank: Bank of America 

Bank Account: Check Account, Savings Account 

Credit card: American Express 

Life Insurance: Progressive 

Car Insurance: Progressive 

Health Insurance: Progressive 

TV service provider: Direct TV - Satellite 

Internet service provider: Cox 

Mobile service: Sprint 

Regular shopping: Sam’s club, Macys, Kohls, Old navy Shoes: Adidas, Nike, Reebok 

Online shop: Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Urban Outfitters 

Movie on Theater: Once a month  

Play/Video game Console: Xbox360, Playstation4Pro, Nintendo Console 

Subscription (Paid): YouTube Premium, Hulu, Netflix, NBC, USA,  

Vacation tour: Once a year 

Airline: Delta Air line  

International/Domestic: Domestic - 2, International - 1  

Hotel/resort: Hilton/ Four Seasons 

Company Description: IT  

Annual Revenue: $10 Million  

Employee: 100-500

Total Branch: 10 

Head Quarter: New York 

Political: Independent/Republican/Democrat  

Sexuality: Heterosexual 

Illness/Diagnosis: Allergy/ Diabetes  

Security Question: Favorite color of Car - Blue  

Political View: Moderate Liberal (Somewhat active) 

Insurance Policy: Private coverage purchased and funded by me  

Region: Northeast 

Questions can come out in different forms but these are the common ones that disqualifies people. 

You have to be smart and knowledgeable to pass through this trial. You have to behave as if you are a citizen of that country, or you can make research on Google to answer some questions.

 Note: Always make sure of the question you're given answer too because there is always quality check question. Always act smart and real while on survey


You might want to tweak the details but make sure it correspond with the given list above. With this i believ you will be able to get Qualified then answer the survey question and get paid. thanks for reading see you on our next post.