How To Make €15 Euro Weekly On Meinungsplatz Survey (#7000)

Survey is one out of many methods of making money with your smartphone or Laptop even while watching your favorite TV shows or movies, that’s how stress free it is, in this post we are going to show you how to take survey and get paid. here is how you can earn some euros from the Meinungsplatz survey and Withdraw weekly, or monthly as the the case may be, this is a Germany survey  pays well and equally has a lower minimum withdrawal, read on to figure out how to earn from the Meinungsplatz survey.
Meinungsplatz survey is a Germany survey company that gathers opinion from individuals and pays them for their time just like any other Surveying shared here at Krockvibe.com.ng, the likes of Populus survey, the Yougov survey, the Zap survey etc, remember that we have other methods of Earning money online you should check them out too, for now let’s show you how to make some money from the Meinungsplatz survey.
Follow the instructions below thoroughly to successfully Register, take survey and earn some money from the Meinungsplatz survey platform, then Withdraw to your bank account via Payoneer.
Frist of all before you visit the website since this is a Germany survey, which is made for those in Germany you first of all download a Vpn with germany server, or you can download a Vpn and change your location to Germany, for this you will need Edoztunnel VPN app or any good VPN with Germany location

Click here to Download or update Edoztunnel VPN or Edoztunnel PRO from Playstore

2- Then set your location to Germany as shown on the screenshots below and connect

3 – Now click here to sign up for the Meinungsplatz survey, sign up with your real name and email address

Note : Open the link on a Google Chrome browser so that you can use the inbuilt Google translator to translate the website to English since its in German by default, if the page didn’t translate automatically keep clicking on the English option until its translated

4 – You will need to search for some German cities postal code on Google eg “Berlin postal code”, “Frankfurt postal code” etc and use any of the postal codes eg 10116, 10118 etc, then use any random address, the phone number isn’t compulsory so you can leave it empty

5 – As soon as you are done with the reg and dont forget to Verify your account via Email you used during registration, you will be presented with a Profile set up survey, Make sure you complete the profiling and continue.

6- After that go back to the Meinungsplatz website to view the available surveys and take them, remember that there are do's and don’t regarding taking foreign surveys like this, if are new to survey then I advise you to read this post that explains how you can successfully take and earn from foreign surveys(it’s very important).

Many Surveys platforms either pay via PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Gift Cards etc, this particular survey pays via bank transfer, therefore you will need an Euro bank account which you should get from Payoneer,click here to learn how to open Payoneer account so as to get your euro bank account details, you will need to request for the Euro bank Acc details from Payoneer because Payoneer doesn’t give by default.

As soon as you have gotten your euro bank account details and have reached Meinung’s minimum withdrawal threshold which is €15, you should open your Meinung menu options then click on the manage credit option and add your euro bank account details for Withdrawal

You will receive your payment into your payoneer account within dew days after requesting for withdrawal, you can then withdraw to your local bank account from Payoneer, note that the minimum you can withdraw from Payoneer to your local bank account is €40, remember also that you can sell your Payoneer funds to Edozexchange.com and get paid into your local bank account

That’s all on how you can earn from Meinungplatz survey., have any question or contribution? Feel free to drop them on the comment section below. Thank you for reading.