How To Permanently Remove Google AdSense Limits [2022 Updated]

experienced an advertisement barrier with invalid traffic problems. The ad didn't automatically appear on the blog due to ads limit place on the blog by Google AdSense. When it happened i was just surprised because i was just accepted by AdSense, and  right away,  the ad limitation was place and that was how the problem started.

I immediately i remembered that i didn't even clicked my ads so checked my ads places and l adjusted my ads placement. 

Then I tried to search here and there and different ways to overcome them i search both on Qoura and on Facebook, looking for a way to Remove the ads limitation on my blog. This was a problem to me because i needed my ads to start running on my blog. So here we are going to talk about fews tips you can take in order to remove ads limits on your Google AdSense.

How to Overcome the Restrictions on Adsense Ads Because of Invalid Traffic Problems

Here are some tips that I did when exposed to ad restrictions:

1. Remove all AdSense Ads Code On The site

The first step is to take to remove it is that i removed all adsense ads codes generated from my dashboard on the blog. 

 Also you might want to turn off your Auto Ads on your adsense dashboard, this is because most of the template are already having an AdSense built widget so for you to add another wigdet and code generated from your dashboard might make it stuffy.

Try placing the AdSense on your site by configurating the inbuilt widgets on your theme or Templates. 

After doing this give it atleast 3 - 7 days and the ads limit will be lifted from your site. 

2. Daily Article Updates

The second method to Permanently remove adsense ads limit from your blog is, to Atleast post once a day on your blog, although some of us might be a bit lazy in makingol or writing it, but what else can you do to overcome the barrier!

Because that's where the ads are assessing the performance of our website, imagine that if we don't update or post bon your blog for one week, Lol the Ads Limit might be even take longer on your site, so try to at least update your blog once in a day. 

3. Share Articles to Social Media

After you have written and posted an article, please do well to share those articles on your various social media pages you have. This will help to drive you traffic to your blog. Share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

However, it should be noted that the best source of traffic is from the Google search engine directly. Please share your article with Social Media as long as you don't spam.

4. Changing the Blog Template

During the  period, I did a template change please note that this is not necessary, weither you change it  or not? you can upgrade it. Sometimes we download files from untrusted sites and folders. 

Sometimes themes or templates might be having Bugs or Codes that might be harmful to your site so we encourage you to at least get a premium theme or template (Not Nulled) it may be that is is the cause or effect that caused the ads limitations on your site. 

That is the Tips to Overcome AdSense Ad Limiting Easilyhopefully this is useful to you and if you have questions please comment in the comments section. 

See you on our next post and thank you.